Personal Coaching


What is Personal Coaching? 

Personal Coaching is a one to one training experience with your own professional coach. Not only does the coach design you your very own programme but will also take you through every session from start to finish thus ensuring you get the very most out of your time spent in the club

How do I choose the right Personal Coaching? 

Every club has a range of different Personal Coach’s to suit different members requirements and goals. Each coach will have a biography that you can review before deciding who you think you will work with best. Ultimately the choice is up to you and you will find the coach that works best for you – and you can always change at any time.

Will my Personal Coach measure my progress? 

Yes – you will run through some questions and measurements before you start your training and then you will be monitored and re-measured at regular intervals in order to track your progress. Your coach can then show you how well you are doing!

What are the benefits of training with a Personal Coaching? 

There are many benefits, but some of the most important are;

  • You will get more out of every workout you do in the club and achieve your goals quicker
  • Your Personal Coaching will always make sure you are doing every exercise correctly and ensure you are training safely and efficiently
  • Your coach will encourage you throughout your training session
  • Having an appointment booked with a coach has been shown to be a very effective way of keeping you on track even when you are feeling tired and demotivated (it happens to us all)
  • A Personal Coaching will know just the right time to take your exercise to the next level (and when not to)

What are you waiting for – go ahead and book a session today.


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