In all MACFit clubs, Life Fitness, Le Mond, Fluid, Hoist, Hammer branded, high quality equipment is used. Each equipment in our centers is selected as ergonomic products that can be easily used by our members at different levels.

We can easily meet the needs of our different members, we can help them to reach their targets in a shorter time. Furthermore, short and pictorial explanations affixed on the equipment will offer you the opportunity to do a comfortable exercise without losing any time...
You can check out some of our equipment on this page... As the equipment in each club varies, please visit the relevant club's oage to reach the information regarding which club has which equipment!

1 Flexibility Programme
Esneklik Programı

2 Core Training
Karın Bel Egzersizleri

3 Flexibility Programme
Esneklik Programı

4 Arms Training
Kol Egzersizleri

5 Shoulder Training
Omuz Egzersizleri

6 Back Muscles Training
Sırt Egzersizleri

7 Chest Training
Göğüs Egzersizleri

8 Legs Training
Bacak Egzersizleri

9 Glutes&Thighs; Training
Kalça ve Bacak Egzersizleri

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